December 15, 2017

Completed filming on the short film “The First Days”

Aleks has recently completed filming on the short film The First Days, co-starring Grace Park. Aleks plays Dirty Ramon.

The First Days is a short film that places live action actors inside an animated world. The story is told from an immigrant’s point of view as he arrives in an unnamed host nation via a perilous journey on the open seas. Unable to speak the dialect, he enters the shabby cardboard city with his cat and a suitcase full of dreams. Soon after, his hopes turn to isolation and loneliness as his inability to communicate allows others to take advantage of him, which eventually ends in tragedy.

Aleks has been cast in the lead role in “Modified”

Congratulations to Aleks on being cast in the lead role for the movie Modified.

Canada’s first 3-D, science fiction feature film shoots its teaser.

FOR IMMEDETE RELEASE: May 13, 2010: Vancouver BC, Canada. — Red Ronin Entertainment is producing the 3-D feature film MODIFIED in Vancouver, British Columbia. Partnering with Parallel Alliance, an industrial animation studio based in Miami Florida and Argentina. The two companies are 8 months deep into research and development, and concept production of the neo-nor, science fiction, horror film.

Aleks Paunovic is cast in the lead in this moody, VFX heavy, stylistic thriller, set 50 years into the future where automated robots and vampires exist in an ecologically ravaged world, where constant rain slowly floods the remaining metropolises. [Read more…]