April 18, 2021

Aleks & Tahmoh Penikett talk “The Hostage”

Aleks & Tahmoh Penikett talk “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”

Shogun Gamer – Exclusive Interview With Actor Aleks Paunovic

By: Ian Fisher Date: April 27th, 2011 Source: Shogun Gamer


Sometimes there are characters in the world of fantasy that are just tough to cast or properly translate when it comes to doing a live-action adaptation. There are characters out there that are so beloved by people that it immediately puts up a wall of sorts when it comes to who gets cast in a specific role since we all have our own vision of what the character should look and act like. Most of the times when it comes to casting a character in a fantasy based project it can be a hard thing since a creative team is tasked with somehow bringing a 6’5 muscle bound warlord to life without it being completely silly or going to the closest gym to see which juicehead can say two words without stumbling. [Read more…]

North End actor living large—Winnipeg Free Press article

North End product making splash in Hollywood, Vancouver

By: Rob Brown Date: April 29, 2010 Source:Winnipeg Free Press

Actor Aleks Paunovic from Winnipeg's North End has found success on the big and small screen. Below left, he gained 65 lbs. for a role in the Ashton Kutcher film Personal Effects, while above, he appears at his more regular weight in the short film The Hostage.

A North End raised actor is making his mark on the silver screen and TV with roles in such projects as I Spy, Human Target, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Supernatural and Stargate SG-1.

Aleks Paunovic’s first break into the world of acting reads like something out of a Hollywood script.

“I was playing in a band on stage and got asked to audition for a role by a casting director,” said the 40-year-old actor.

The role was a minor part in the 1993 HBO film Heads starring Jon Cryer and Jennifer Tilly.

“It was for one line ‘built for comfort.’ That was it,” he said, adding he felt no pressure during his first the audition.

“The experience was so new to me, that’s likely why I got the role.”

It wasn’t long before Paunovic relocated from Winnipeg to Vancouver to be closer to both the Canadian and Hollywood film industries.

In addition to his onscreen work, he also found initial success doing stunts. However it was not long before he looked to jettison stunts from his resume.

“I wanted to understand the craft of acting and teachers and acting coaches helped me with this,” he says, noting University of Winnipeg theatre instructor Rick Skene was an early influence. [Read more…]

STARGÅTE-PLÅNET.de—Interview with Aleks

Aleks Paunovic was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but he’s of Serbian descent. In the Stargate universe, we know him as “Shaq’rel” from the season 6 episodes “Redemption1” und “Redemption 2” and recently he made a guest appearance on Stargate Atlantis, playing “Rakai” in the 4th season episode “Reunion”. We are grateful that Aleks Paunovic allowed us to ask a few questions. [Read more…]

Galactica Quorum – Interview with Aleks

On January 9th, 2007, Galactica Quorum posted thier interview with Aleks. The following is from their website ……..

We interview Aleks Paunovic, who’s appeared on BSG as an actor and fight coordinator. While on a short break from filming his latest movie, “Personal Effects,” he tells us how he became involved with the show, plus tidbits about the fight choreography.

The hosts/interviewers for this episode were Brian and Michele.

Click HERE to listen to the interview on their website. Or click HERE for the edited version of the podcast with just Alek’s interview.