February 22, 2019

Aleks stops by That Talk Show

Aleks stops by That Talk Show to chat with Peter and Bianca about his latest role in Vendetta, starring alongside Dean Cain and The Big Show.

Manitoba Moments: Actor Aleks Paunovic Interview

Click the link below to see the interview Aleks recently did with CTV Winnipeg. Aleks shows off some of his old stage tricks and talks about his transition from musician to actor.

Manitoba Moments: Actor Aleks Paunovic

The Rush interview

The Province: Arctic Air reaches cruising altitude

By Glen Schaefer Source: The Province

Cast of CBC action-romance are stretching out now that the mostly Lower Mainland filmed TV show has been picked up for second season

A couple of the guys are taking it easy in the shade of a late-summer afternoon outside a Quonset hut hangar at Langley Airport, as cheers and commotion echo inside.

They’re filming a rowdy episode of the CBC action-romance series Arctic Air, centred on a tough-guy amateur fight competition.

As the crew shoots fight action inside, series star Adam Beach jokes with co-stars Stephen Lobo and Ben Cotton. Beach is looking more relaxed now than he did during work on the CBC show’s first season around the same time last year.

“I think security is the one thing that’s changed,” Beach says. “When we did the first 10 episodes, we didn’t know we were coming back, I think there was this apprehensive approach; do your best job, then go find another project.” [Read more…]

Winnipeg Free Press Interview: From the North End to Hollywood

Prepares for first leading role in new mini-series

By: Rob Brown Source:Winnipeg Free Press

It’s fair to say that Aleks Paunovic has made it to The Show.

The North End-raised actor now spends more time in Hollywood than he does in his native Canada. He is currently in the midst of filming the upcoming sci-fi miniseries Dark Universe.

“I try to spend about seven months of the year down there. It does open more doors,” Paunovic said last week via telephone from Vancouver.

While Paunovic continues to work in front of the cameras in California, he recently completed his first stage role in Vancouver. His performance in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea earned Paunovic a Jesse nomination, one of British Columbia’s highest theatre honours.

“The rehearsal process was great and so was everyone else on the project,” he said. “However, that was the word thrown around the set — process.”

Paunovic says the live theatre experience took his acting to the next level.  [Read more…]

The Biz Interview: Aleks Paunovic – Actor in “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea”

Date: January 28, 2012 Source: Biz Books

Aleks Paunovic plays the intense title role in Pacific Theatre’s production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Aleks spoke with us about how the words of John Patrick Shanley and the guidance of Larry Moss and Lori Triolo led him into Danny’s world and brought out one of his most challenging performances.

What was were the elements that drew you to be part of this production? I was studying with my mentor Larry Moss and did a scene from Danny. I connected to Danny in such a colossal way that I wanted to know more about it and tell his story. I approached Jason Goode, our director, after we worked together on a short film he directed me in and the seed was planted. I was quite scared of the play and the role. Four years later, Jason and I reluctantly and excitedly dove into the deep end. [Read more…]

Aleks & Lori Triolo talk Danny & The Deep Blue Sea on Urban Rush

Aleks and Lori Triolo were recently interviewed on Urban Rush. They talk in depth about their characters in the play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.

Life and Style with Zara interviews Aleks

Life and Style with Zara interviews Aleks.

Aleks Paunovic & Agam Darshi for We Canada

Aleks and Agam Darshi talk about We Canada and why they are Champions for the initiative.

To learn more about the We Canada initiative, go to earthsummit.ca

Aleks talks “Gotta Grudge” on Urban Rush